12pcs of Pink Roses Bouquet
Model: BQK1191
HK$1,000 HK$900
12pcs of Red Roses Bouquet
Model: BQ7018
HK$850 HK$750
12pcs of White Roses Bouquet
Model: BQK8902
HK$750 HK$680
Deep Champagne Rose Bouquet
Model: BQ0817
HK$850 HK$750
Model: FB1652
HK$550 HK$500
Model: GO0528
HK$1,650 HK$1,500
Roses Bouquet in Minimal Style

Roses Bouquet in Minimal Style

Product Code: BQ520
Price: HK$600

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Roses 12pcs with fillers in minimal packing

Colors to be choosen:

Red, Pink, Light Peach, Purple, Yellow, Hot Pink OR White